New executive directors and new development staff, especially if they move to Helena to assume their new positions, need help to hit the ground running. Access Helena’s Resources! is an outreach program being conducted by Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits (BSI) under the auspices of BSI’s Helena Development Initiative (HDI). The outreach activities will be accompanied by an extensive folio of handout materials to familiarize executive directors and development staff with important community resources to help these nonprofit leaders be successful.


BSI has contacted over 20 community agencies and nonprofts that are providing handouts that introduce their organizations, describe the services and resources they provide to nonprofits, and lists contact information. Examples of organizations in the folio include: Helena Area Community Foundation, Lewis and Clark Library, Montana Community Foundation, Montana Nonprofit Association, Montana Shares, and the State of Montana Surplus Property and Equipment Program.

BSI has developed a number of original handouts for the folio, which required gathering information from a very diverse array of sources throughout Helena. These handouts are updated annually. Examples include:

*COVID-19 Note: Due to current and everchanging pandemic conditions, these handouts are not guaranteed to contain the most up to date information.


BSI is working with many colleagues and partners to ensure that the Helena nonprofit sector is as welcoming, inclusive, and supportive as possible. We embrace a common value that sharing information and helping our nonprofit neighbors will strengthen the community of nonprofits and increase impact. We don’t want these materials to sit passively on a website!

The most important part of this HDI component is the active outreach by BSI staff to greet, meet and engage new executive directors and new development staff, inform them about the Helena Development Initiative and the value of networking and resource sharing in Helena, invite them to participate in the Helena Development Roundtable and other HDI component programs. This includes encouraging them to make use of all the resources in the folio, and getting to know the many organizations and agencies that are featured. At its core, BSI’s activities are centered on relationship building with these new leaders, and that is the bedrock upon which successful community building takes place.